82% of business owners report poor mental health.

Give your franchisees the best chance of business success.

We know that poor mental health can impact everything from our physical health to our mindset, ambition and even decision making. 

No matter their professional background, we know that every new franchisee will face challenges with their mental health at some point throughout their franchise journey, particularly within those first 12-months.

Using practical information and skills, we can arm our franchisees with a toolkit to support them and their mental wellbeing from day 1 of their franchise journey. These tools empower them to take control of their mental health, allowing them and their new business to thrive.


Taking your franchisee support one step further.

Practical, engaging support to build skills for life - from day one!

Introducing…our mental health training toolkit, featuring live training with a formal qualification.

It’s designed to compliment your existing franchisee on-boarding training, giving your franchisees the best chance at business success. It builds skills, confidence and knowledge in the topic of mental health. The toolkit helps franchisees to manage their own mental health and better support others, so you can help them focus on business growth and success.

Investing in mental health training has a wealth of benefits:

Higher staff retention rates
Lower long-term staffing costs

Boosted morale/team working

Increased ability to meet deadlines and maintain workload

Lower stress levels and higher resilience

Less absences and presenteeism

Stronger forward-thinking focus, goal orientation

Enhance creative and ambitious thinking

Ready to boost your franchisee's training and support from day one?

What does it include?

For franchisees:

  • Live Mental Health First Aid training
  • Live ‘How to Build Mental Resilience’ workshop
  • Downloadable, editable resources to use on-demand
  • Marketing toolkit to support franchisees to promote their training for a commercial benefit at a local level
  • Discounted further training if franchisees employ their own team and/or future refresher learning 

For you:

  • Practical, skills for life
    for every franchisee in your network
  • 30% off our full Mental Health First Aid course for you/ one of your Head Office franchise support staff
  • A personalised marketing toolkit
  • Quarterly learner report
  • Access to discounted support – live workshops, conference talks, policies
All for just £175 per franchisee (to be built into the franchisee onboarding training fee).


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