Mental health support

Firstly, you are not alone and there is always someone out there who can support you – 24/7. You will not always feel like this, it’s not only possible that you will recover, but very likely too. Visit our resources page here for links to lots of support lines.

Many people that have completed the course say they believe that every employer/employee should receive some form of mental health training (and we have to say we totally agree!)

You do! Whilst Mental Health First Aid training isn’t yet a legal requirement for employers, you are legally obliged to support any employees who may be experiencing long-term and life impacting consequences under the Duty of Care Act.

Mental Health Training builds skills for life that not only benefit the learner both in and outside of work, they benefit the organisation as a whole. The benefits include:

  • Reduction in staff absences
  • Increase in staff retention
  • Reduction in staff turnover costs
  • Time efficiency (not having to train replacement staff & ability to focus support time on work-related tasks rather than devoting the time to personal support)
  • Boosted staff morale and team working
  • Increased ability to manage stress and workloads


Fab! Simply, complete an enquiry form here and we wil get in touch to arrange a call to have a chat about the event you’re holding, the audience and the topics you are looking to cover.

If you’d rather you can book a call directly do that here.  

Booking a private course means your content can be persoanlised even more and the learners are exclusively from your organisation. Some businesses and learners prefer this as they feel it creates a more private and secure setting.
Minimum learner numbers for each course is 7 – this ensures the course can effectively run in the practical, engaging and interactive way as intended.

You can book a private course with dates and times that suit you by completing our enquiry form here.

To secure your training place or event booking, we require a 50% payment, with the remaining to be paid once the training or event has taken place. We totally understand life happens, so will always do our best to accommodate any changes that may need making. If you are need to cancel your place or event within 72 hours of it taken place, we are unfortunately unable to refund your 50% fee.

Working with you

Absolutely, to book a free 30-minute consultation simply book a time slot that suits you here  or complete our online enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Absolutely! Whilst we specialse in training for franchise networks, we are here to support any business who wants to create a mentally healthy workplace. In the past we’ve worked with a huge range of organisations from banks to architects, student housing and lots in between! Any organisation will reap the same benefits of investing in their people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Training costs vary depending on the service you are looking for, how many people you are looking to train and whether you are looking for a private or public course.
Training starts from just £135 and bespoke packages can be developed for you – just get in touch to see what we can do!

It is recommended that you refresh your training every two-years to keep your knowledge up-to-date. You don’t need to repeat the whole course though, you can simply take our refresher training to top-up your knowledge and commitment to mental health awareness.
A wellbeing policy is an internal document that forms part of your employee/franchisee manual and often sits within your health and safety policy. It sets out the mental health support you have in place for your people, sign posting them to where and how they can get support and the first port of call. It clearly lays out your boundaries of support to help set expectations of both you and your team.

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Book your space